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Kuenzi & Company, LLC

We are a one-office CPA firm located in Salem, Oregon that provides a full range of tax, accounting and business consulting services within a broad array of client industries. We offer great opportunities to individuals who desire a challenging and rewarding career in public accounting. We employ individuals who demonstrate excellent business vision and energy, have effective communication skills, and can motivate others. Salaries and benefit programs are competitive, and there are opportunities for career advancement. Employees work in a flexible, professional, and personable environment. Send resumes and inquiries to

Client projects are prepared and processed within a team environment. Work teams are generally made up of a Principal, Relationship Manager, Project Manager, In-Charge and Staff. In some cases, there are overlapping responsibilities. For example, a Principal might also function as Relationship Manager and Project Manager on a small job, and the In-Charge might not work with other staff. On larger jobs these roles are spread amongst more individuals.

Professional employees generally begin their career as “Staff Accountants.” As they gain experience and skills, they obtain promotions to “Senior Accountant,” “Manager,” “Director,” and “Principal.” As mentioned above there are certain overlapping responsibilities (work preparation, review of work, and coaching/mentoring of staff), but a general description for each category follows:

  • Principal – an owner of the Firm with the highest level of responsibility and expertise. The Principal is usually the last step in a process and the last one to look over a client project before it is delivered. Principals are responsible for client development and manage many of the Firm’s client relationships.

  • Director – an experienced CPA professional with accomplished skills who is usually in the process of developing a client following and preparing to become a Principal.

  • Manager – a CPA professional with responsibility for multiple projects, including scheduling and turn-around time. Managers are tasked with reviewing work performed by In-Charge staff and finalizing documents for client delivery. Certification as a CPA is one of the requirements for being promoted to Manager.

  • Senior Accountant – is often the “In-Charge” for a project and supervises/coaches Staff Accountants working under them. Seniors are heavily involved in the preparation aspect of client projects. They usually have 2+ years of experience and are on a CPA track.

  • Staff Accountant – 0-2 years of experience and spends most time preparing client projects.


The focus in the above narrative has been on those who are pursuing a professional career and pursuing the certified public accountant designation. There are other valued employees such as our Administrative Assistant and Firm Administrator. Their roles are important and critical to the Firm’s success.

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