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Melissa Hobbs (Administrative Assistant)

Melissa Hobbs grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, home of OU Sooners football and the National Weather Service. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2001.


During college, she worked a variety of part-time jobs, including a short stint in telemarketing, wherein she found she had a knack for talking to people on the phone. Over the ten years after graduating from college, she worked in call centers in Oklahoma City, in various customer service and sales roles for several major national companies. Then, in 2011, a gig for a temp agency turned into a full-time job at a chemical manufacturing company as a receptionist, and a new career was born.


Later in 2011, she ran into an old high school acquaintance, Nathan, at a mutual friend’s dinner party, a year later they were married. They welcomed two sons, Alexander (Alex) and Francis (Frankie) into the world in 2013 and 2014, and in 2016 they packed their earthly possessions into a U-Haul, made an epic five-day journey/move from Oklahoma to Salem, Oregon, and have never looked back.


When not going on adventures to the zoo, the aquarium, the coast, or various museums with her family, Melissa enjoys watercolor painting, playing the violin, gardening, photography, watching college football, and the occasional writing of poetry.

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